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TECHWEAR Hoodie 'Kurobe' best techwear style 2023

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Color: Maroon
Size: M

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TECHWEAR Hoodie 'Kurobe' best techwear style 2023

TECHWEAR Hoodie 'Kurobe' best techwear style 2023

TECHWEAR Hoodie 'Kurobe' best techwear style 2023

are you looking for one of the best techwear style 2023. To get through the cooler weather, having a 'Kurobe'" Techwear Hoodie in your wardrobe can be a big help. Very stylish, techwear is exploding at the moment. It will allow you to be at the top level of originality and make your friends jealous. If you don't know this hoodie, we invite you to discover it through this article.


The Techwear Hoodie 'Kurobe' is a streetwear garment from the small techwear family. It is a hoodie, two pieces fake style, designed to be worn oversized. Cotton and polyester are the materials used for its design. So it's a pretty reliable garment, which you can use for long seasons. The Techwear "Raido" Hoodie has many embroidered characters on its surface, both on the front and back of the garment. Like all streetwear clothing, it has a fairly large storage space. You can find a large zipped gusseted pocket. On the pocket, there is also another storage space with a flap. At the back of the garment, you can also store your small accessories in two pockets applied on the false top piece.


When choosing your Techwear 'Kurobe'Hoodie, there are two colors to choose from. The first one is the classic Black, and the second one is a light blue. In order for it to fit you as well, it is advisable to choose it one or two sizes larger than your normal size. This is because the garment is available in Asian size. Whatever your body type, it will fit you if you choose the right size. A drawstring with stopper is available at the neck, and a thumb loop is provided at the wrist.


The unique style of the Techwear Hoodie "KAZUMI" is what makes it so special. It will not only protect you from the cold, but will also help you to swagger during your outings. You can match it with your cargo pants and sneakers of your choice. If you get it right, you can be sure to make your friends jealous.

  • Hoodie Techwear
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • Unisex

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